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Link a Bank Account

Link Bank Account

Here's how to connect your bank account to Finta

How to Link a New Account

You can link your bank account to Finta via our partner Plaid. At this time, Finta only support banks within the US and Canada.

  1. Click on "Add Account" on the accounts page
  2. Choose whether you want to add a bank account (e.g. checking or saving account) or an investment account (e.g. IRA or brokerage account). If your banking institution has multiple account types, then selecting either one will be fine.
  3. Search for and select your bank. If you can't find your bank, reach out to, and we'll work with Plaid to see if it can be added.
  4. Enter your login credentials and follow the remaining prompts. Finta will not have access to your log in credentials.
  5. If your bank uses OAuth to connect, you might be redirected to your bank's website or app during this process. This is completely normal.
  6. Once you're done connecting your bank account, you will see your new account on the accounts page. If you have any destinations, you will be able to connect your new account to the destination you would like to sync to.

What Happens After Linking a New Account?

After you connect your account, it might take a few minutes for Finta to be able to fetch all of your transactions, balances, holdings, and investments. Feel free to add more accounts or exit out of Finta while you wait. If you connected your new account to a destination, Finta will automatically import your account's data into your destination as soon as it's available.



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