Hi! 👋🏽 I'm Taylor.

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Founder and Chief Maker of Finta

I originally built Finta to scratch a personal itch. I wasn't happy with how budgeting apps forced me to fit my habits, routines, and ways of managing my finances into their box. I wanted an easy way to send my balances, transactions, and investments to the tools I already use on a daily basis so that I can build out my own systems to make budgeting a breeze.

As a solo-entrepreneur that heavily uses Finta, my priorities and goals are probably pretty close to yours. Finta is focused on giving you access to your financial data in a safe, secure, and accessible way. This is a bootstrapped company that's in it for the long haul.

What started off as a small side project has grown into something I honestly can't live without. You're a part of the Finta family now, and I'm excited to take you along this journey.

Want to chat? Here's my personal LinkedIn and Email.