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screenshot of synced data
screenshot of synced data
screenshot of synced data
screenshot of synced data

It's time to upgrade your financial management tools. With shutting down in March 2024, Finta is here to efficiently streamline your transition and enhance your financial tracking experience.

Why Migrate to

Take Complete Ownership of Your Financial Data. Unlike with Mint, which controls your financial data, how you use and where your data goes is entirely up to you. Finta syncs your financial data to your chosen destinations, giving you 100% ownership of your data.

Finta vs Mint: A Comparative Insight

While Mint was an effective platform that allowed users to see their cash accounts, credit cards, investments, and bills at a glance, takes this a step further:

Data Ownership and Flexibility

Mint fully owns your data and forces you to budget how they want. Instead, Finta gives you the full freedom to manage your finances in your favorite tool using whichever budgeting method you want. Envelope method? 50/30/20? You name it, you can do it.


Outside of budgeting, Mint's featureset was pretty limited. Instead, Finta has Extensions - mini apps you can add to your destinations to add financial superpowers. Check out our most popular extension - Rules Extension

Sustainable Model

Mint's business model relied heavily on distracting advertisements for sustenance. Finta, on the other hand, is a subscription-based service, fueled by user subscriptions, which not only ensures the tool's sustainability but also guarantees an uninterrupted and ad-free user experience.

Holistic Financial Data

With Mint, you had limited access to certain types of financial data, particularly regarding investment portfolios and Stripe data. Finta fills this gap by providing users with a comprehensive view of their investment and Stripe account activity, truly encompassing all financial fronts.

Support and Community

One of the major limitations of Mint was the absence of user support. Finta offers user support, office hours, and a Discord channel where users can ask questions, make suggestions, and offer feedback on Finta's service.

and most importantly of all


Mint as we know it is shutting down by March 2024. Finta is alive, profitable, and here to stay!

Make the move to today and take control of your finances.