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Finta's 2022 Wrapped

2022 was a productive year for Finta. Let's look back at all that we were able to accomplish.

Finta's 2022 Wrapped

January 17, 2023


2022 was an amazing year at Finta. What started off as a small side-project with only one integration and a handful of users has grown into a thriving business with a growing community. Even on a more personal level, I've learned alot when it comes to marketing, customer support, development, and everything in between as Finta's founder and solo-builder. I am more confident now than ever before about the longevity and the impact that Finta has to offer.

Let's dig into what happed in 2022.


Sync activity Finta's sole purpose is to sync your financial data into the tools you love so that you can budget how you want, where you want. In 2022 we did just that by syncing over 150K accounts, 23K holdings, 75K investments and a whopping 10 million transactions. Can you imagine having to enter all of this by hand? Members of the Finta community have saved countless hours by having all of this data automatically synced.

New Integrations

New Integrations We started off 2022 with only 1 integration, Airtable. I am so grateful and indebted to the Airtable community for being the first users (and bug catchers) for Finta. However, to really fulfill Finta's mission, we needed to expand to other popular tools as well. In 2022, we launched integrations with Coda, Notion, and Google Sheets. What's even cooler, is that our Coda integration is through their new Coda Pack. Now, if you want to try out a new tool, or manage your personal finances in one tool and your business financials in another, you can use Finta.

Other New Features

Other New Features In addition to adding three new integrations, Finta also received five new major features. With Sync Logs, you can see a history of previous syncs, how much data was synced, what triggered the sync, and details of any errors that might have happened. Originally, your destination had to use the exact column names given by the Finta template. However, now, you can set up Custom Destination Columns. Speaking of destinations, now there's no limit to the amount of destinations you can connect to Finta. Lastly, you can now sync investments and liabilities data along with your account balances and transactions. With these five features, Finta can be your one stop shop for syncing all of your financial data for all facets of your life, both personal and business.

Company Updates

Company Updates Early on in 2022, Finta received the Coda Maker Grant through Coda's Maker Fund. This grant made so much of this work possible because we were able to afford the best tools needed to support the company. Also, as a recipient of the grant, we are now a part of a community of other builders where we can share ideas, get feedback, and grow together. Since then, I am so proud to say that Finta is profitable! This is huge because Finta is self-sustaining. We won't need to raise funds or take out loans to stay in business. This also means that more time and resources can be spent on focusing on the product and how to make it better than before. One of these improvements came at the end of the year when Finta's technology stack was completely revamped. Now, bugs can be caught before they reach production, downtime will be reduced, and troubleshooting can happen faster.

What's next for 2023?

I have three main areas of focus going into 2023. First, I'm devoting more time and resources to reliability. By using Finta, you are trusting that it works all of the time, and I want to make sure that happens. Secondly, I plan on building out Finta's documentation and content. I want to be sure that Finta is easy to use and understand by everyone who experiences it for the first time. The last focus is on community. Some of you have shared some really cool templates and workflows with me over these past few months. This community is filled with strong builders and thinkers who have solved some amazing problems with Finta. Let's share with each other!

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