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How to Import Bank Transactions into Google Sheets

Easily sync your bank account balances, transactions, and investments to Google Sheets

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October 19, 2022

Google Sheets is a great tool that can be used to manage your finances. However, manually entering transactions and investments can be tedious. First, you have to check every account at every bank for new transactions. Any accidentally slip-ups can completely turn your budget out of whack . You could try to export your data into csv, but not every bank exports data in the same way. Finta offers a more efficient and mistake-free alternative.‍

Sync your bank account balances, transactions, and investments to Google Sheets

Finta securely connects to your accounts and automatically syncs your data.

  • Import your account balances along with credit card limits and other helpful account data.

  • Import all of your transactions. We even import category suggestions to help make budgeting a breeze

  • Import investment holdings along with ticker data like the last closing price

  • You can even track dividends, buys, and sells that happen in your investment accounts!

Get started in four easy steps

You can get set up in no time by following these four easy steps.

  1. Sign up - try us out for 7 days no credit card needed

  2. Connect your bank accounts. We partner with Plaid to securely connect to your accounts.

  3. Add a destination - Copy one of our many Google Sheets budgeting templates

  4. Sit back and relax

That's it! You're now ready to use Google Sheets to track your transactions.

Ready to start syncing your financial data to Google Sheets?

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