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Introducing the Rules Engine by Finta - Your Personal Finance Automation Tool

Take full control over your financial data with the new Rules Engine by Finta. Customizable rules, seamless integration & data-driven insights, all in one tool.

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January 22, 2024


At Finta, we're always pioneering innovative ways to give you more control over your financial data. We're proud to announce our latest feature - The Rules Engine. This is the first Finta Extension available to all destinations. Streamlining your personal finances management has never been easier.

What Is The Rules Engine?

The Rules Engine is a smart, intuitive feature that helps you automatically categorize your transactions according to custom rules. These rules can be driven by the transaction's amount, the related account, the summary of the transaction, or even the transaction date. Example rules are:

  • If the transaction's Summary includes "Uber" set the Category to "Transportation"

  • If the transaction is an Outflow with an Amount greater than or equal to $1,000, set the Category to "Needs Review"

  • If the Date of the transaction is between the 1st and the 3rd of the month, and the Summary includes "Verizon" and the Amount is between $100 and $150, set the Category to "Wifi" and the Merchant Name to "Verizon"

These rules run automatically each time Finta syncs new data to your destination. You can also manually run rules for previously imported transactions on your destination’s rules page.

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Why Use The Rules Engine? Customized Automation

Nobody knows your personal finance needs better than you. The Rules Engine allows you to set detailed rules fitting exactly your requirements, making it a powerful tool for finance automation.

Complete Control

With the Rules Engine, you have complete control over your transaction data. You decide the how, what, and where of your financial data categorization.

Time Saving

The Rules Engine automates time-consuming financial administration, so you can spend less time organizing your finances and more time living life.

Kick-start your journey toward automated, hassle-free personal finance management today.

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