How to Sync Bank Accounts to Notion

Finta is a tool that helps you sync your financial data to Notion. Here's how you can use Finta to sync your bank account balances, credit card interest rates, and loan information to Notion.

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Connect your bank account to Finta

Connect your bank account to Finta via Plaid. This third party handles the account connection process and doesn't allow the app to see or store your login credentials (not that we would ever want to).

Once your account is connected, your bank sends notification of new or updated data to Plaid which then sends the data over to Finta.


Setup a Notion destination

Create a destination for your Notion workspace. By default, Finta will sync your accounts and transactions. If you just want to sync your accounts, remove the transactions table.

When setting up your destination, you can select which page to create your new databases in, choose which accounts to enable for this destination, and rename the destination to match your use case.


Watch your bank accounts sync to Notion

After you set up your destination, Finta will instantly start syncing your accounts to Notion. Also, Finta will automatically sync updates to your destination whenever your data changes.
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