How to Sync Investments to Notion

Watch your investments grow in Notion. Here's a guide on how to track your investment portfolio and investment transactions within Notion.

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Connect your bank account to Finta

Connect your bank account to Finta via Plaid. This third party handles the account connection process and doesn't allow the app to see or store your login credentials (not that we would ever want to).

Once your account is connected, your bank sends notification of new or updated data to Plaid which then sends the data over to Finta.


Setup a Notion destination

Create a destination for your Notion workspace. By default, Finta will sync your accounts and transactions. To include your investment transactions and holdings, select those tables in the pop up.

You can adjust how far back Finta should go to fetch investment transactions. By default this is the last 30 days, but you can adjust to anywhere up to the last two years.


Watch your investments sync to Notion

After you set up your destination, Finta will instantly start syncing your accounts, holdings, and investment transactions to Notion. Also, Finta will automatically sync updates to your destination whenever your data changes.

You can add rollups and formulas to better understand your portfolio. For example, in the holdings table, add a rollup to view the security's current closing price and then use that value along with the quantity column to calculate the current value for that holding.

You can also see your investment transactions such as buys, sells, and dividend payments in the investment transactions table.

Investment transactions in Notion

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