Our Coda Pack can help you easily sync your financial data to Coda.

Coda Accounts Screenshot

Synced accounts in Coda

Coda Transactions Screenshot

Synced transactions in Coda

Coda Holdings Screenshot

Synced holdings in Coda

Coda Investment Transactions Screenshot

Synced investment transactions in Coda

Sync your financial data to Coda

Coda is a powerful and collaborative online document editor. With its formulas, buttons, and charts, you can build out a complete financial management system for yourself or your team. Finta's Coda pack makes it super easy to sync your financial data. Check out our Coda pack here.

How it works

From Coda, add the Finta pack to your doc. The pack will guide you on how to connect your Finta account to Coda. Then, select which accounts you would like to sync to your Coda destination. Next, add all of the tables you would like to your doc. You can then manually sync your data or set your sync tables to sync on a schedule. That's it! You are now setup to automatically sync your financial data.