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Automatically sync your financial data into your favorite tools so that you can budget how you want, where you want.



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Bring all of your financial data into one place

Budget apps force you to follow their rules without giving you access to your own data. Finta allows you to use the powerful features from Airtable, Coda, Google Sheets, or Notion to manage your finances just as you want. No more forcing your processes and routines into a box someone else designed.

1,000s of banks
We easily integrate with thousands of US and Canadian banks to sync your balances and transactions.
∞ connections
Limits aren't fun. Finta allows you to sync unlimited banking accounts to unlimited destinations.
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We promise not to sell your data or to use it for advertising.

Sync your financial data to where you need it the most

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No one wants to log into multiple bank accounts to manually copy and paste transactions. Connect all of your bank accounts and Stripe account to Finta and we’ll standardize, organize, and transport your data to where you want it to go. If you’re managing both your personal and business finances, you can pick which bank accounts sync to which destinations. The ultimate control is now at your fingertips.


You already use these apps to manage the rest of your life. Now you can track your finances with them too.

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